The Vera Vacuum is powerful and practical. Its suction motor is stronger than conventional vacuum cleaners, yet only uses 750W of energy. 

Vera Vacuum Electric Broom


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The Vera Vacuum is ideal for all kinds of flooring, including carpets, ceramics, stoneware and parquet in any home. Its upright and free-standing design allows for agile use even in areas usually more difficult to reach, such as around bathrooms or under beds.

Vera Vacuum Electric Broom with shoes

Light & convenient to transport, releases clean airIBR certified for hospitals and clinics, low energy only 750W and stands upright.

Vera Vacuum Electric Broom sideClean carpets in a single pass
Carpets and rugs usually collect dust, mites and crumbs. The Vera Vacuum‘s ergonomic brush and its powerful motor handles carpeted floors with ease. The Vera Vacuum generates a far stronger vacuum than regular cleaners, so a single pass is often all you will need. 

Cleans hard to reach places
The Vera Vaccum‘s practical design allows for comfortable use even when used for half-height cleaning operations. Easy to operate and handle so you can reach every area. Cleaning corners or small crevices has never been so easy, thank to both the ergonomic design and the sheer force of its suction.

Get the VERA POWERBRUSH for Dry Carpet Cleaning!
Turn your Vera Vacuum into the ultimate dry carpet cleaner with the VERA POWERBRUSH motorised accessory: a standalone cleaning brush with its own motor for added suction. Simply slot it onto the Vera Vacuum to take advantage of its incredible cleaning power.


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Technical specifications

Surfaces: up to 200 sqm / h
Approvals: IMQ and CE
Engine: 750 w
Depression: 1850mm / h2O
Air flow: 42ltr / sec
Full bag indicator light
Cable: 6 m
Weight with Brush: 4kg