The ultimate floor washer

Precision-made in Italy and now available on these shores, the Floorwash M30 is the only machine of its kind in Ireland.


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Inside or Out, including Carpet Tiles, Carpet, Ceramic Tiles, Laminate Flooring, Slate, Terrazzo, Entrance Matting, Marble, Vinyl, Stone, Composite Flooring, Wood and Rubber / Dimple Flooring. The Floorwash M30 can also be used outside on Decking, Ceramic, Stone, Slabs etc.

Floorwash cleans all floor types

Floorwash is light in weight and easy to use, yet still achieves excellent cleaning results in only a single pass. The contra-rotating brushes deep clean ALL floor types (both hard floors and carpets) and the unique central drum pick-up dries the floor without the need for a separate vacuum motor. The Floorwash M30 floor washer cleans 450 m2/per hour.

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How Does Floorwash Work?

Built to exacting quality standards, Floorwash works on a single motor which powers 2 contra-rotating brushes and a central pick-up roller. The brushes scrub the floor surface and simultaneously lift the dirty water onto the central roller which is deposited into the rear dirty water tray which is easily removed for disposal.

There are no unnecessary on/off switches on Floorwash. Simply plug in your Floorwash machine, fill it with water, pull back the handle and the contra-rotating brushes will automatically start. Push the handle and lock upright for total shut-off. Easy to use and easy to transport.

Once in its upright locked position, two integral transport castors automatically drop to enable easy wheeling between rooms. Floorwash requires minimal user maintenance: simply run clean water through your Floorwash and you’ll get years of hassle-free use out of it.


“Excellent for cleaning different floor types, especially for low pile floor mat. We couldn’t believe the results, even without detergents.”

– Ed Byron of Magic Mats Ltd.
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If you purchased a Floorwash machine from Floorwash Ireland or any of our official distributors you are eligible for a two-year guarantee.

Click here for instructions on activating your warranty.
The innovative mechanical Floorwash collection system allows for the collection of small solid parts (hair, butts, leaves, paper etc.) without risk of clogging the filter as with traditional suction machines.
- Remove and empty the waste water container, then carefully wash it under running water, then dry before storing in the machine.
- Unhook the cover and wash it gently with running water, making sure to dry it before you hang up the machine.
- Empty the tank from any remaining water or detergent.
- After disconnecting the plug clean with a damp cloth and wipe the camera body later.

DO NOT wash the machine after use with a water or steam jet.

Be sure to store your Floorwash machine properly after use. Make sure the blades are not touching the floor.

NEVER store in humid or unsheltered locations.

We recommend servicing your machine once a year to keep it in peak working condition. Contact us to request a service.
For any maintenance ALWAYS disconnect the plug.

NEVER turn off your Floorwash by pulling the power cord out.

NEVER operate the machine when the cable is damaged or the outer casing shows visible damage.

Avoid using detergents whether foamy, acidic, basic or diluents in general.

Before operating the machine firmly attach the power cord into the joint located above the reservoir (fig 17 in the user manual), so that it runs under the brushes during cleaning. Failure to do this can result in severe damage to your Floorwash.
1. Check that the plug is inserted correctly.
2. Check that the power cord is fully intact.
3. Ensure you are pressing the kick-starter before slowly lowering the handle.
1. Check the cable's water valve is fully screwed to the tank.
2. Check the drive cable is anchored to the liquid distribution lever (Fig 10 in the user manual) and that it is not too taut.
Ensure the liquid distribution holes under the cover are not clogged. If they are, lift the lid and gently clean the holes using a mild acid and warm water. If you still have issues check the tube is not crimped or in need of repair.
Check the waste section is properly inserted and the cover is completely closed and attached to the body. Ensure the wash water drips on a regular basis when you pull the lever. Ensure the steel blade within the tank is not worn out. Make sure the brushes are not worn out.
Ensure you are not holding the distribution lever down too long. The lever must be pulled as you move forward, and let go on the return (excluding carpet cleaning).
Check the brushes are not too worn, dirty or dry and ensure the brush bristles are not bent. This problem occurs if you make a prolonged stop without bringing the machine's handle upright.
Please contact us and our skilled technicians will be at your disposal.

Please note, in case of tampering or an attempt to repair by unauthorised technicians your warranty may be void.

Please also ensure you have activated your warranty.
We recommend servicing your machine at least once a year to keep it in peak working condition.

Please contact us to arrange a service.